Syllabus and Lesson Plan Packet

How do we do get you ready for the right life career for you? Well, in 3 easy steps, OBVI. The Workforce 101 Syllabus for this coming week:

  1. DAY 1 VIDEO/Q&A Workforce 101 Inspirational Heads Up
    • This means an overview of what's to come, self-reflection exercises where we deeply analyze your skills, weaknesses, fears, and accomplishments. PLUS a BIG REVEAL!
  2. DAY 2,3,4 Practical Career Search Tools:
    • Professional Portfolio: Resume & Cover Letter
      1. Learn how to transform these from routine documents to thorough and compelling reflections of yourself.
    • Networking Essentials: Linkedin & Business Card Pitch
      1. We help you create or recreate a stellar LinkedIn profile and explain the world of digital business communication via the exchange of business cards; see the difference between a forced interaction and a lasting connection.
  3. DAY 5 VIDEO/Q&A Building Your Personal Narrative with the one and only Sarah Carlson, Harvard Law Alum, Adjunct Professor, and Career Coach, so that you can nail that 1st impression!

In case that's not clear, watch the video below to get the gist.

Block out 2 hours each day and let's get started on that Life Degree. Feel free to take a look at everything in the course curriculum so that you get a feeling of how it's gonna pan out for you.

Download the Workforce 101 packet below and leaf through it because we'll refer to resumes and cover letters that are in there. Any time we mention a resume or cover letter, open that puppy up and find it! Seeing real life application of these skills will really sear the lesson into your noggin.

You Live. You Learn.
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